Is leg training really important?

“Training the quadriceps is one of the most metabolic moments …”

Hello, welcome back to my column, we are in the summer and as always I happen to hear in this
period due to heat: ” I let them read my legs “, or ” I don’t do them “.
The reasons are understandable, but they are not justifiable.
Training the quadriceps is one of the most metabolic moments for our body. Think about what you are missing out on in terms of stimulation.
Everything must be organized well and in a scientific way: nutrition, integration, and of course a training schedule. I don’t want to go into the food plan, because it’s not the right time.
Per integration instead we can spend a few quick and useful words.
Always use before, at least thirty minutes before,
during the session sip some cyclodextrins like GlycoBol®, eventually branched chain amino acids more than glutamine .
As for bcaa, I recommend 8: 1: 1 with high leucine, and at least 5/10 grams of Kyowa ™ glutamine.

This is certainly an excellent basis, to have energy during, and recovery at the end, and obviously all the nutrients that the muscle requires during training, and after.

Today’s proposal is very intense, as already mentioned not being a Powerlifter, but rather a
Bodybuilder, with a prevalence of white Fibre, I have chosen indeed I specialized in
high intensity workouts . To create all this you have to work hard, I understand that each of us likes to lift heavy loads, it makes us feel very primitive male.
But to grow, sometimes you have to reverse and do things that don’t go with the old concepts,
of so much weight so many muscles. Let alone with the legs, which are the most important muscle group, require a lot of blood and energy to be allied properly.
I know they are a pain, but in the end they too will grow believe me.

“Stimulating the legs in a scientific way leads to them growing”

This method that I propose is one of the many stresses that you can give to your legs to
increase volume. Intensity, to make you understand what we are talking about, is made up of some parameters on which I do not compromise. Time, technique, execution are the important points to have a profitability from your program . Performing a movement in a technical way, following the 2/1/2 rule will give the right stimulation. I always insist with my clients on execution, it must be a clean eccentric and concentric movement.
No half movements, otherwise you decrease the weight. You have to get to the end, but always
checking the execution.
There are many repetitions, many, but they must all be performed correctly.
Only in this way can you hope for a deep stimulation, in a recruitment of all the Fibre.
Let’s explain the techniques I have chosen to stimulate the growth of your legs.

You have already heard of it, super series and stripping.
Very intense training protocols, which require willpower, and a lot of
execution technique . Here it is forbidden to give up, if Molli has failed the series. You have to be very focused, count the repetitions, follow the recoveries and then start again with the same determination as before.

How it works in practice, let’s see a nice practical example and then analyze the technique:


Warm-up 5 minutes of meditating level bike
leg curl 12 reps in super sets with barbell straight leg deadlifts for 15 reps
Repeat for four sets, with 1 minute rest.
Leg curl stretched in stripping 3 series with 10 + 10 + 10, these are the repetitions that you will have to perform,
climbing at the end of every ten strokes, at least 30% of the initial weight.
I always recover on the minutes between one series and another.

You may be wondering, why I started with the back of my legs!
The reason is simple, this very important muscle is regularly neglected.
I see some nice round lateral broad legs, drop shaped medial broad legs, but then here’s the flaw,
posterior femoral deficient flat without shape, why don’t you train it.

Let’s go on and get down to business: the quadriceps! Free
Squat 10 reps in super sets with Static Dumbbell Lunges 10 reps per leg Repeat for four sets, with 1 minute rest . Leg extension in stripping 3 series for 10 + 10 + 10, remember to unload the weight by 30% for every ten repetitions.

We finish with calves. Here the pain is assured, you will experience that pleasant burning sensation,
which will testify to your success in training.
Standing Machine Calf 15 reps in super sets with
Press Calf for 20 reps

Repeat for four sets, with 1 minute rest.

The weight will steadily drop because your priority is to keep time and do the repetitions, all done well.
With that is all, I just have to wait for your doubts and perplexities.
I recommend, technique strength intensity.

A hug from your LeleMrPersonal.