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Gluten-Free    Lactose-Free

  • 100% l-glutamine
  • 100% from vegetable fermentation
  • First most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle
  • Anti-catabolic function
  • Cellular hydration support

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Yamamoto® Nutrition Glutamine POWDER is a supplement based on pure L-Glutamine powder.
Glutamine POWDER is a Glutamine supplement indicated for athletes who perform physical activities that require intense muscular exertion.

What is Glutamine POWDER?

Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid for the body, and is particularly concentrated in muscle tissue. It is essential for the nervous system, is strongly involved in digestive processes and is an important intermediate for kidney and liver functions.

Precisely because of its high availability in the body, L-glutamine performs multiple functions and our body also uses it as needed, for example by converting it into another amino acid depending on the demands and needs of various tissues.

Under normal conditions, glutamine is synthesised by the body mainly in the skeletal muscle and, in smaller quantities, in the liver, brain and lungs.

Glutamine has several functions: it helps prevent muscle catabolism, promotes the absorption of nutrients in the intestine when the body is under intense strain or is used as an alternative energy source. It is precisely because of its intestinal health that glutamine has been re-emerging in the fitness and supplementation market in recent years: given the ever-increasing incidence of intestinal and digestive stress, it is also useful in the mass phase to maintain intestinal health, which is put at risk by high calorie intake.

It also appears to play a role in delaying fatigue by promoting glycogen synthesis and reducing ammonia build-up, while in no way raising insulin levels. Muscle glycogen is essential for exercise and good performance during training, and taking glutamine is useful in this regard, especially during periods of low-carbohydrate diets or during the definition phase. It improves muscle recovery particularly in men and supports cellular hydration.

It is also a safe supplement when taken chronically.

Recent studies suggest a post-workout intake of 8g/day of Glutamine when taken for glycogen re-synthesis, while quantities of around 20g/day are indicated when used for anti-catabolic purposes, to be taken post-workout or divided into several doses throughout the day.

Why choose Glutamine Powder:

Delays the onset of fatigue sensation;
Promotes muscle glycogen synthesis;
Improves muscle recovery;
Supports cellular hydration;
Promotes the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, especially useful during periods of bulk.

Nutritional information

300 Grams
Supplement Facts
Serving size (5 g)
Servings Per Container 200
  Per 1 scoop (5 g)
L-Glutamine 5000 mg
Ingredients: L-glutamine.

How to use: add 1 scoop (5 g) to 200 ml of water and take once a day.

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