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  • Gluten-Free    Lactose-Free

    • Indicated for the well-being of adult men.
    • Supportive tonic action in case of physical and mental fatigue.
    • Normal fertility and normal reproduction.
    • Maintaining normal testosterone levels in the blood.
    • Acts on the body’s tone, promoting its adaptation, contributing to the vitality and tone of the organism.
    • Based on D-aspartic acid, fenugreek, cordyceps, maca and zinc.
    105 AED
  • Gluten-Free    Lactose-Free

    131 AED
  • Gluten-Free    Lactose-Free

    • 100% l-glutamine
    • 100% from vegetable fermentation
    • First most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle
    • Anti-catabolic function
    • Cellular hydration support
    66 AED
  • 500ml, Liquid, country of origin: Italy, , GLUTEN FREE / LACTOSE FREE

    Sold Out! Contact us for nearest supply delivery date!

    16 AED

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